Monday, June 10, 2013

“Second Chances” by Max Lucado

Drawing from Max Lucado’s previous works, Second Chances is a compilation, as the subtitle states, “Stories of Grace.”  Each section contains selected chapters on how God gives grace to all – the rebellious, guilt-ridden, prideful, hurt, etc.  In his classic, soothing style, Lucado addresses these topics with a variety of styles, from personal and modern storytelling to biblical retelling and application.  With each page, Lucado conveys the truth that God’s grace offers us second chances – day after day after day.

Due to the nature of this being a compilation, at times the book lacked overall cohesiveness and flow.  However, as a whole, it was powerful to have a collection of so many of Lucado’s chapters on grace and second chances.  Lucado’s style is a masterful balance between light and heavy – this book is easy to read but also challenges you to think deeper.  In my opinion, sometimes Lucado is too smooth or overly simplistic, but that is also part of what makes him great.  As you read, you are lulled into the easy flow of his words and then you are hit with those frequent moments when it feels like he is writing specifically for your situation and it cuts you to the core.  In those moments, when the love and power of God are so evidently displayed before your eyes, you are grateful for the ministry of Max Lucado and for all the second chances God offers each of us.

I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program in exchange for my honest review.


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