Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Entertainment Fast, Day 28

The past week or two have been pretty good. I've had a lot of good distractions - family, holidays, basset hounds, GYC. I wonder what is going to happen though when I go back to my normal routine of nothingness. It is then, when all the hours of the day are stretched out before me, that I think it won't hurt to spend a little time on the Internet or playing a game... and if I was really able to limit myself, there wouldn't be any harm. But before I realize what has happened, half the day has slipped away and I feel lethargic.

I would like some purpose in my life. A reason to wake up in the morning. And I'm not talking about an overarching purpose like the Great Commission or anything like that... I'm talking about something specific and practical. Like a job. Yeah, that'd be nice... except that I'd most likely despise 99% of the jobs I'm currently qualified for. Though I think it'd be good for a while because then I'd have some good poetry material. But now I'm getting off topic.

So I guess I'm supposed to tell you something I've learned from my fasting. Hmm. 1. The power of boredom and amusement are great. 2. The freedom you feel when you say no once in a while is even greater.


In other news:

"I sold my passion for a dime unto a thousand hungry eyes." And it sounds like a reminder of all the words I've written about success and faithfulness. So evasive when you need it most. She moves like the wind. "The slow climb, slow steady burn." I strain against pillars, but my enemies aren't the only ones I keep at arm's length. Still, the claws run down my back. "I've got the coldest heart." Somebody sure knows he's on TV. Footprints on clouds, but the witnesses hold me up. I am convicted despite disapproval. You want to trade a red apple for a green one. I wonder about oranges. "It's the arching of a life, and it's hanging in the air." There is one thing we all need... one thing we don't deserve... one thing we are offered: mercy, mercy, mercy.


Kristin said...

"The freedom you feel when you say no once in a while is even greater." Amen to that.

I struggle with a lot of the same things, especially when I'm at home. This past break, for the first time, I said no to something that normally would have sucked me in and ate up my time. And it felt so good.

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